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Alpha glucose ­

Beta glucose ­

Adhesion molecule ­ these are recognition proteins which are specific to a cell type. It helps that
cell recognise other cells which are the same and sticks them together

Amyloplast ­ these are non-pigmented organelles found in some plant cells. They store starch and…

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Cellulose ­ is made from 2 beta glucose molecules and is insoluble. It is part of plant cell walls. A
polysaccharide made from chains of glucose monomers

Chloroplast ­ An organelle that contains chlorophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place

Climate model ­ a way of representing the interactions of…

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The concept of a niche

The way that an organism exploits (uses) its environment.

Species living in the same area tend to use different places to take shelter and different ways of
acquiring food or to breed. If 2 or more species exploit the same resource for survival they may…


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