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Key words

Diffusion: The net movement of molecules or ions in a gas or liquid from an area of high
concentration to an area where they are less concentrated.

Faciliated diffusion: The passive movement of molecules across membranes down their
concentration gradient, which is aided by transport (carrier) protein molecules.…

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Cell surface membrane : The membrane that surrounds every cell, forming the selectively
permeable boundary between the cell and its environment. It is made up of a double layer of
phospholipids with embedded proteins.

Respiration : The process in which energy is released from complex molecules, such as glucose,

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Complementary : Refers to structures that fit together because their shapes and/or charges match

Endo reticulum : A series of membrane-bound, flattened sacs extending from the outer nuclear
membrane through the cytoplasm. It may appear rough (rough ER) when ribosomes are attached to
the outer surface, and it is…

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Solute: A solid that dissolves in a liquid.

partially permeable membrane: A membrane that will allow some molecules to pass through but will
not allow some others to pass through.

Plasmolysis: Detachment of the plasma membrane from the cell wall as the cytoplasm shrinks when
water is lost from a…


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