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Name: Georgia Sowden

Keyword Definition
Tax code A tax code is used by your employer or pension provider to calculate the amou
deduct from your pay or pension. If you have the wrong tax code you could en
much or too little tax.
Net Pay The net pay is the…

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Name: Georgia Sowden

Vitamin A helps with Vitamins are good for keeping your body healthy. They are good for your skin,

Vitamin C helps with Vitamins are good for keeping your body healthy. They are good for your skin,

Carbohydrate You find them in sugary and starchy foods…

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Name: Georgia Sowden

season, for example, during the summer to pick fruit, but the emplo
expected to go back and work for that employer each year during th

Part-time working Working part time can be a good way of balancing your w
personal commitments. If you work part time, you…

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Name: Georgia Sowden

employers An employer is a person or institution that hires employees or workers. Employers offer
wages or a salary to the workers in exchange for the worker's work or labor

Human Resources The personnel of a business or organization, esp. when regarded as a
Dept significant asset.…

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Name: Georgia Sowden

3. Crossing legs

Essential spending 3 Food
examples Heat

Non-essential Sweets
spending 3 examples Entertainment
Nights out

Credit card A card that you loan money from the bank to be paid off at a later da

Debit card A card that pays straight out of your…

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Name: Georgia Sowden

Job Centre Where you can hand in your CV and you can find jobs or they can loo
on your behalf.

Relate Then you can relate to someone you have something in common.

What does being Enterprising is when a business person faces a challenge in everyda…


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