Key Word Generator for Unit 2 Business Edexcel

This is a random word generator that you can use to test yourself on key terms for Business unit 2 exam on edexcel. It includes most of the key terms needed for the exam. To use it simply start the powerpoint presentation and press the mosue to get it to stop on a random slide. The slide has a word on it and you have to give the definition. 

The slides have different colours depending on what part of the specification they are from 

Blue- 2.3.1aMarketing plan

Pink- 2.3.2aManaging the provision process

Green-2.3.3aHow does a company budget efficiently?

Orange- 2.3.4aManaging

other people

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Slide 1

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Marketing Budget…read more

Slide 2

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Marketing Mix…read more

Slide 3

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Marketing Planning…read more

Slide 4

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Marketing Strategy…read more

Slide 5

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Cash Cow…read more

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Preview of page 7

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Preview of page 8

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Preview of page 9

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Preview of page 10


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