Key Thinkers - Family and Education ( Paper One)

A few useful names of sociologists to include to secure the A* as examiners are always looking for students who include sociologists names and theories!

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Young and Willmott -symmetrical family.
-roles shared equally
between husband and wife.
-common between middle
class families, but not working
class so much.
Anne Oakley Criticised Young and
Wilmott's study.
Women faced dual-burden-
maintaining prime
responsibility for household as
well as paid work.
Duncome and Marsden Women participate in the
triple shift: emotional support,
paid work and housework.
Paul Willis Studied 12 working class boys.
Rejected school and mentally
prepared themselves for a
place in the workforce.
Accepted low paid, low skilled
Howard Becker Coined term labelling.
-when teachers attach
definition to pupil.
-can be positive or negative.
Rosenthal and Jacobson Self fulfilling prophecy.
-when students believe their
set label and then begin to
act upon it.
Bordieu Cultural capital.
-middle class families provide
children with more
educational resources. Also
take them on educational
visits; museum, art gallery etc

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Williams Study of cocaine kids.
-more opportunities to turn to
illegal means of making
money, and less opportunity to
get a good education or jobs.…read more


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