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Phobia Key Terms
Feelings of fears and apprehension which are accompanied by
increased & prolonged psychological arousal.
Anxiety Disorders
Classification of disorders characterised by severe anxiety.
Cognitive effects of anxiety
Thoughts that can vary from a mild fear to a severe panic.
Somatic effects of anxiety
Experiences in the body
Behavioural effects of anxiety
Avoidance behaviour
"Avoiding situations"
A persistent or unreasonable fear of an object or situation.
A reasonable fear of an object or situation
Type of anxiety disorder that makes people afraid of public
E.g. public transport
Social Phobia
Fear of being judged in public.
E.g. interview/speeches
Specific Phobia
Fear of specific objects or stimulus
i.e. flying or fur

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Approaches to Phobias:
key terms
Unconditioned Stimulus
The stimulus that produces the unconditioned response.
Conditioned Stimulus
The stimulus that produces the conditioned response.
Unconditioned response
A natural response to the unconditioned stimulus.
Conditioned response
A natural response to the unconditioned stimulus.
Classical Conditioning
A form of learning whereby a neutral stimulus + Unconditioned Stimulus = Unconditioned Response.
After several trails the Neutral Stimulus = Conditioned Stimulus and produces a conditioned
Role Models
A person whose behaviour is imitated.…read more


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