Key Study For Turning To Crime Learning from Others - Sutherland

Key Study For Turning To Crime Learning from Others - Sutherland - A Key Study Summary Including Aims, Procedures, Methods, Conclusions. I Am Uploading All 36 Studies For the OCR Forensic Psychology Specification.

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Turning To Crime ­ What Are The Causes of Criminal Behaviour?

1.2 Learning from Others

Family isn't the only influence on criminality.
`Got in with the bad crowd' is a phrase which we often hear.
Friendship groups can profoundly affect criminality.
This is usually more common during adolescent years.…

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Cultural norms can conflict with norms of society.

6) A person becomes a criminal when there is an excess of definitions
favorable to violation of law over definitions unfavorable to violation of

This is the dominant premise of the Differential Association theory. Because an
individual associates with more members…

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The approach used is behaviourism. A strength of behaviourism is that is tends to
predict the behavior in certain circumstances. The possibility to predict gives the
key to controlling the behaviour and therefore is good in avoiding unnecessary
reactions. The idea of rewards and punishment of behaviorism can sometimes be…


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