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Morgan Removed SCN from hamsters ­ circadian rhythms disappeared. Given
SCN cells from foetal hamsters, rhythms re-established. Transplanted
SCN cells from mutant hamsters (circadian rhythms 20 hours) ­ recipient
hamsters took on mutant rhythms
Zucket Similar effects of SCN destruction in ground squirrels…

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Research into the nature of sleep, stages of sleep, lifespan changes in sleep

Dement and Kleitman Woke participants during different stages sleep ­ monitoring EEG
record. Awakened during REM ­ dreams 80-90%. NREM sleep ­ dreams
7% time
Ohayon Meta-analysis ­ 2400 healthy adults 5-102 years ­ age-related changes

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Horne Restoration explanation 2 ­ restorative processes of body take place
during periods of relaxed wakefulness
Shapiro Runners ­ 57 mile race ­ slept an average of 90 mins longer on the 2
nights following race ­ increased levels SWS. Not a huge increase.
Increased SWS could be consequence of…

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system, children may be underdeveloped. Adult sleepwalking could be
result of GABA mechanism remaining underdeveloped
Bassetti Nature of genes underlying sleepwalking may be related to same HLA
gene abnormality associated with narcolepsy
Broughton Incidence of sleep walking in first-degree relatives of someone with the
disorder = 10x greater than in…


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