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Ralph 15 not evil `there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that
proclaimed no devil'
30 why elected leader `there was a stillness about Ralph that marked him
out: there was his size, and attractive appearance.'
48 doesn't believe in the…

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223 reaction to Piggy's death "I meant that!"

247/8 is he chief by the end `A little boy who wore the remains of an extraordinary
black cap on his red hair and who carried the remains
of a pair of spectacles at his waist, started forward,
then changed his mind…

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141 supports Jack "That's a wound... and you ought to suck it. Like
159 refuses to believe in a "I think we ought to climb the mountain'
literal beast
178 knows he will die "We shall do you."

188 death compared to Jesus' `The body on the hill.'




how can i download this properly on mac microsoft word?


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