Key features to all three triplets

Some necessary key features needed in the three triplets. Inform explain describe, argue persuade advise and analyse review comment

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Inform Explain Describe
Sort of like a newspaper and states what happened A chronological set of instruction. Such as what will Adjectives
but its not like a review be needed to take on holiday to Spain. Spread of vocabulary
Quotes will be used Connectives Descriptive language
Emotive language is NOT used Onomatopoeia
Good balance of sentence types
Don't use repetition
Argue Persuade Advise
Topic sentence Alliteration Headings
Alliteration Facts Subheadings
Facts Opinions Bullet points
Opinions Repetition Questions as sub-headings
Repetition Emotive language Short and concise points
Emotive language Statistics Use you and your to make it personal
Statistics Rule of three Imperative or sentence structures such as `if then you
Rule of three Rhetorical questions should
Rhetorical questions Superlatives Vocabulary suited to reader
Real life examples Comparatives Facts
Experts view Statistics
3 good reasons
Analyse Review Comment
Statement of issue Give an opinion using phrases Use first person to give personal responses
Topic sentence Mostly third person Show judgement using words like convincing, amusing
Present tense Verb phrases such as "it might be considered that" Subordination to discuss and speculate, e.g. `if',
Expressive verbs `whilst', `although'
Third person
Words which show contrast
Words which link cause and effect

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