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Dorian Gray Theme Revision

Youth and Beauty

"All the candour of youth was there, as well as youths passionate

"And beauty is a form of genius--is higher indeed that genius as it
needs no explanation"

"It has a divine right of sovereignty"

"I am jealous of everything whose beauty…

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"It must be if you say it"

"Dorian Gray was subject to his hand, and seemed to promise rich
and fruitful results"

"Lord Henry had told him that. Lord Henry knew what women

"You have explained me to myself Harry"

Importance of wealth and class

`Margaret Deveraux made all…

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`he was like a common gardener walking with a rose'

`you Mr Gray, you yourself with your rosered youth and you rose white boyhood, you
have had passions that have mad you afraid

Lord Henry's derogative view of women

` the only way a woman can ever reform a man…


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