Key Dates of WWI

Key Dates of WWI 1914-18

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Key Dates of World War One.
Gov't establish a propaganda bureau in Wellington House
Aug. Britain declares war on Germany ­ BEF sent to France
Kitchener appointed Secretary of State for War
Gov't drive for new recruits for `New Armies'
Sept. The Miracle of the Marne ­ Paris Saved ­ Attrition begins
Oct. First Battle of Ypres
Dec. NCF formed
Apr. Build up of BEF
Second Battle of Ypres
First successful gas attack
May Shell shortage scandal
July National Registration Act passed
Sept. Battle of Loos
Dec. Derby Scheme
Feb. German attack of Verdun
July Beginning of the Somme Battle
Sept. First use of the tank
Gov't sets up Department of Information
Feb. First Military Service Act Conscription for
unmarried men
Apr. Battle of Arras ­ Canadians capture Vimy Ridge
May Second Military Service Act ­ Conscription for married men
June Capture of Messiness ridge
July Start of the third Battle of Ypres
Nov. Capture of Passchendale ridge ends 3rd Battle of Ypres
Gov't set up Minister of Information

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Mar. First German Offensive ­ British 5th Army
Apr. Second German Offensive ­ Lys near Ypres
May Third German Offensive ­ Aisne to the Marne
Aug. Battle of Amiens ­ `black day of the german army'
Sept. Breaking of the Hindenburg line
Nov.…read more


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