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Methods for investigating the brain:

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Method for What it is Advantages Disadvantages
the brain
PET (Positron Where a radioactive chemical, such as glucose, is Expensive
Emission injected into the bloodstream of an individual. The Results aren't to easy to
Tomography) head is then put into the scanning machine and the interpret e.g. the brain…

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Limited sample of the
population (either ill or
MRI Scan (Magnetic resonance imaging) provides real time Show clear images of the hard to analyse as is
images of brain responses to certain stimuli brain and specific to each person
can "slice" the brain to
get a view of certain…

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Genetic What Bio-psychologists Methods for Evidence to Support Evidence that
Influences on believe/what it does Investigating These Contradicts
Androgens An androgen is a compound that Testosterone is supposed
(Testosterone stimulates or controls the increase levels of
in particular) development and maintenance of male aggression, which is why
characteristics in…

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Key approaches to Psychology:
Behaviourist Social Learning Cognitive Psychodynamic Humanistic
Key Ideas "All behaviour is learned "All behaviour is learned "The mind is like a We are animals, driven Every person has their
from the experiences a from the experiences a computer" only by by basic biological own unique…

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Types of Lab experiments: Observational studies Interviews: Kohlberg Case studies Qualitative methods:
Research Pavlov (Dos) Bandura Lab experiments (gender theory) Hypnosis Informal interviews, open
they would (bobo dolls) Observations Dream analysis questionnaires, case
Little Albert Lab experiments studies IRR (Inter rater
do reliability)
Strengths The approach is Used the Adopts…

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be and recognise
the importance of
experience and
what people think
and feel

Weaknesses The behaviourist Doesn't take into Ignores biology Case Studies - He focus on
approach has been account the role and influence of Subjective / experience (here
criticized because of biology and genes. Also Cannot and…


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