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Also knows as BEF
Well trained and Equipped British force
700,000 men- even with such a large number
they were heavily outnumbered by the
Germans…read more

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German General Schlieffen
In order and concur France, they needed to
go through Belgium and then invade Paris to
take the rest of France
French and British forces slowed the German
troops through Belgium and that forced them
to retreat…read more

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For 4 years Germany and the Allies were
fighting over the Channel Coast through
Belgium to Switzerland
600km of trenches were built…read more

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Battle of Mons: August
BEF fell with the French
Battle of the Marne: September
Germans are pushed back to a River
Germany, Britain and France dug trenches
Ypres: October- November
Britain and France lost more troops trying to
defend defences up north
Stalemate on the Western Front: December…read more

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One reason why the war took so long was
because trenches had been dug which lead to
"No Mans Land" the area between the 2
sides- men had to cross this in order to
capture enemy trenches but would be shot
down by the enemy
Many died due to them being shot at
Stalemate occurred as neither side could
make a move without risking too many
casualties…read more

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