Kantian Ethics


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Kantian Ethics
· DEVISED by Kant
· Statement knowable without reference to experience- a posteriori synthetic
· Moral statement- a priori synthetic
· Human seek an ultimate end- summum bonum
· `God will shine forth like a precious jewel'
· Good will is the highest form of good & is not dependant of consequences
· Freedom is necessary for morality to be possible
Categorical imperative
· Actions should only be followed if they can be universalised
· Treat people as ends not as means to an end
· The kingdom of ends- act as though everyone else is treating you as an end
· Provides a powerful set of principles to enforce moral conduct that we would commonly
accept based on reason
· Treating people as ends in themselves underpins the idea of human rights
· Distinguishes duty from inclination so that our moral conduct does not become influenced by
an individual subjective view
· Morality is intrinsic through a process of reason
· As moral situations differ , how are the parameters to be set to determine what is to be
· Many times when duties conflict


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