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Kaizen (Continuous
is an approach of constantly
introducing small incremental
changes in a business in order
to improve quality and/or
efficiency…read more

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Operates through individuals using kaizen
groups or quality circles
· These groups are organised to identify
productivity and quality improvements
· Teamwork is vital as each section on the
production line becomes a unit, they
become responsible for the quality in their
unit.…read more

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Features of Kaizen
· Relies on small changes which will require less capital than major
process changes
· Ideas come from the talents of the existing workforce, as opposed to
using R&D, consultants or equipment ­ any of which could be very
· Kaizen encourages employees to take ownership for their work, can
help reinforce team working and improve motivation. Workers
should be empowered.
· The culture - all employees should continually look for ways to
improve their own performance. This requires managements support…read more

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Based on 2 principles:
· Gradual Change ­ relies on small
changes rather than big sudden leaps.
· Staff Suggestions ­ staff identify ways of
improving efficiency, staff should be given
opportunities to express opinions. Works
best if staff is educated and skilled.…read more

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Japanese companies like Toyota get on
average 20 suggestions per annum
from each employee compared to 1
idea every 6 years in the UK!!…read more

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Benefits of lean production
· Increased productivity as workers suggest
better ways
· Motivated workforce
· Reduced waste and stockholding costs,
improving cash flow
· Better quality products for the customer…read more


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