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Juvenalian and
Horatian Satire
The Basics to help with
understanding the difference
between the two.…read more

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Horatian satire is light and gentle
pointing out the human failings.
· Originating from Horace, the
n satires originally mocked the
philosophical beliefs of the time.
· The satires promoted the parody
of human weaknesses but was
affectionate to humanity none
the less.
· One example of a famous
Horatian satire is The
Canterbury Tales written by
Chaucer.…read more

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Juvenalian satire is harsh and
filled with bitter criticism, being a
purely pessimistic satire (In
Juvenalia comparison to the optimistic
n Horatian).
· Juvenal condemned Roman
society under the Emperor
Domitian, using his sharp wit to
ridicule the upper classes, whilst
demonstrating the dangers
faced by the Roman citizens.
· Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan
Swift is a prime example of this
form of satire.…read more


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