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THEMES: Ridiculousness of the Emperor's court, a giant fish, sycophantic
courtiers, the unwillingness to challenge power.
STORY: The narrator makes the Emperor Domitian subject to ridicule, when he
recites the tale of a giant fish
QUOTES: "there's no room in this city"
"fraudulently file their petition in bankruptcy"
"raise from the gutter" ­ Many of the "dregs" that Umbricius talks
about are Greeks, and other slaves not of Roman origin.
"I won't be an accomplice in larceny" ­ He doesn't want to take part
in jobs that are not his `honest' way of living.
"The Orontes has discharged onto the Tiber" ­ metaphor for the
number of immigrants that Umbricius dislikes so much
"He's brought every profession with him" ­ complaining about the
skill of the Greeks, and how they are willing to do anything to climb the
social ladder.
"dummies they laud as eloquent...ugly they call handsome"
"Laugh, and they'll out guffaw you, cry, and they weep too" ­ The
Greeks will flatter anyone who they think could get them higher up the
sociopolitical ladder. Umbricius suggests that this is done purely to
ingratiate themselves.
"dirt encrusted top coat...grubby toga...shoes split open" ­
people mock the poor man because of the state of his clothing
"nocturnal perils...cracked or leaky vessels...a falling tile can
brain you...pailful of slops"
"The drunken bully who has found no victim"
"Catburglars waiting to rob you or else you'll be knifed"


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