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Satire 1

Lines 128: Juvenal says he's had to put up with so much garbage churned out
without mercy that he too will have a go. He knows about mythological malarkey, so
can turn his hand at a decent speech. But why has he chosen to write satire? Hush…

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Lines 96146: Juvenal concentrates of people's grasping freed and in particular the
abuse of the traditional patron/client relationship.

105: "Men face the table's hazard" ­ against gambling
112: "seven courses, alone" ­ J is criticising excess
112: "Clients were guests then" ­ J laments the breakdown of the traditional

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82: "recline above me at dinner" ­ a trueborn Roman having to give way to a
Greek ­ things are bad when a foreigner counts for more than a trueborn
86: "the nation excels in flattery" ­ Greeks can flatter and lie convincingly
129: "Nowhere on earth..." ­ one…

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Lines 3740: irrelevant invocation to the Muse of Epic (transition)

37: "O Muse of Epic" ­ Epic poetry would include an invocation to the Muse
­prayer for inspiration.
38: "You can sit down for the job" ­ he hints that this will not be highbrow
poetry and so the Muses…


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