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The jury has been called `the hallmark of the English Legal System' due to the fact a person's
innocence is decided by a group of their peers NOT a group of legal professionals. This shows the
verdict is not down to their legal knowledge but because of the evidence…

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Before 2003 you were ineligible for jury service if: member of the judiciary
member of the clergy
people on bail
people with mental health

Also, those excused from jury service: over age of 65
had duties more important e.g. doctor, nurse, MP

Since the Criminal Justice 2003, only members of…

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Perverse Verdicts- this is where juries make a verdict that goes totally against the facts they have
been given.

The advantage of this are: it allows jurors to make a decision on what they feel is fair/right
However, the disadvantage is: it allows them to take the law in their…


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