June 2012 Pre release article. 'Self made notes and predicted questions'

Hi All,

I have created a 14-paged PDF file (if printed all together, consisting of:
- The 9 paged article (original version)
- 4 pages of own set of notes (mainly spider diagram based)
- 1 page of possible self-thought questions, (29 questions)

Revise units: 1 (heart section: lipids, fats, LDLs, HDLs) and 2 (gene expression).
Quite an easy article, if you have revised everything

Everything here is self-made, and so if there are any mistakes that you find, please let me know!
Student room ID: jv.lalloo
Getrevising.com ID: Jathurshika.Lalloo x
FB ID: Jathursii Sjv Lalloo

Hope you find this useful.
Good Luck to all,

Jathurshika Vigneswaran
Year 13, A2 biologist. IUHS sixth form

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Edexcel GCE
Unit 5: Energy, Exercise and Coordination

June 2012 Paper Reference

Scientific Article for use with Question 7 6BI05/01
Do not return the Insert with the question paper.

Turn over

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Scientific article for use with Question 7

A source of `thinspiration' ­ media, body image and dieting ­ but can your own body fat make
you thin?

1. Hoping to shift a few pounds? You could subject yourself to a gruelling exercise regime, try
the latest fad diet (anyone for…

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9. It is known that when humans engage in serious self-reflection, activity increases in the medial
prefrontal cortex (mPFC). It is suspected that this increased activation can betray subconscious
10. In this study the healthy women looked at images of models in skimpy bikinis. Some images were
overweight, some…

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18. It has been recently reported that restricting calories to 1200 kcal per day increases the total output
of cortisol in females. Cortisol is important for regulating changes in behaviour and functions
such as glucose metabolism and the inflammatory process. Prolonged exposure to high levels,
however, can lead to higher…

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27. Females today are exposed to evolutionarily novel stimuli that deceive cognitive and neurological
processes whose function developed to evaluate other females. As some females use a typical
media physique to establish norms as points of comparison it has for many become a case of
`keeping up with the Boneses'.…

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34. Three studies published recently used the technique of PET with 18F-FDG to determine the
physiological relevance of BAT in adult humans. All demonstrated that BAT is present in adults
(shown by 18F-FDG uptake), predominantly above the collar bones and around the neck. This
distribution is different to that seen…

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41. Although brown and white fat cells are very different, it was commonly assumed that they originate
from the same precursor. However, it was recently discovered that brown fat cells arise from the
same progenitor as muscle cells, whereas white fat cells emerge from an independent source. As
in white…

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49. There has been a decided shift in position by scientists and prominent medical bodies in
considering media images as being causative. For example, some think that: ' The media is a causal
risk factor for body dissatisfaction, negative effect and eating pathology'.
50. The Royal College of Psychiatrists…

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57. At a practical level, a minimum standard of risk acceptability would have to be established based
upon visual physique parameters such as waist-hip ratio and dress size. Alternatively, a roughly
accurate proportion of female media images of an average UK dress size 16 could be ensured.
58. This may…

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