June 2012 Pre release article. 'Self made notes and predicted questions'

Hi All,

I have created a 14-paged PDF file (if printed all together, consisting of:
- The 9 paged article (original version)
- 4 pages of own set of notes (mainly spider diagram based)
- 1 page of possible self-thought questions, (29 questions)

Revise units: 1 (heart section: lipids, fats, LDLs, HDLs) and 2 (gene expression).
Quite an easy article, if you have revised everything

Everything here is self-made, and so if there are any mistakes that you find, please let me know!
Student room ID: jv.lalloo
Getrevising.com ID: Jathurshika.Lalloo x
FB ID: Jathursii Sjv Lalloo

Hope you find this useful.
Good Luck to all,

Jathurshika Vigneswaran
Year 13, A2 biologist. IUHS sixth form

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