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OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA) is a leading UK awarding body, providing a wide range of
qualifications to meet the needs of pupils of all ages and abilities. OCR qualifications include
AS/A Levels, Diplomas, GCSEs, OCR Nationals, Functional Skills, Key Skills, Entry
Level qualifications, NVQs and vocational qualifications in areas such as IT, business,
languages, teaching/training, administration and secretarial skills.
It is also responsible for developing new specifications to meet national requirements and the
needs of students and teachers.…read more

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J512/03 Mark Scheme June 2010
Marking Instructions & Abbreviations
Marking instructions
1 Mark strictly to the mark scheme.
2 Make no deductions for wrong work after an acceptable answer unless the mark
scheme says otherwise.
3 Work crossed out but not replaced should be marked.
4 M (method) marks are not lost for purely numerical errors.
A (accuracy) marks depend on preceding M (method) marks. Therefore M0 A1 cannot
be awarded.…read more

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J512/03 Mark Scheme June 2010
11 Unless the question asks for an answer to a specific degree of accuracy, always mark
at the greatest number of significant figures seen. E.g. answer on mark scheme is
15.75 which is seen in the working. The candidate then rounds or truncates this to
15.8, 15 or 16 on the answer line. Allow full marks for the 15.75.
12 Anything in the mark scheme which is in brackets (...…read more

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J512/03 Mark Scheme June 2010
1 (a) In (a) mark the best part of the answer
(i) E.g. Answer should be negative 1 Soi e.g. -16.65
NOT after wrong operation
e.g. 3.7 + -4.5 = -0.8
(ii) E.g. Answer > 8 or 64 = 8 1 Soi e.g. 72 = 49 or answer is too small
(iii) E.g. Answer should be 7(.0) 1 Soi e.g. 70 × 0.…read more

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J512/03 Mark Scheme June 2010
8 (a) 90° cao 1
(b) Translation cao 1 Must be a single transformation type
1 right, 7 up or 7 2 B1 for 1 right or 7 up
n 1
Or B1 for 7 or n
1 7
Or SC1 for 1 left, 7 down; (1,7); 7; 1
OR Alternatively
B1 for reflection cao
AND B2 for y = -1/7x
Or B1 for line drawn (approx.…read more

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J512/03 Mark Scheme June 2010
11 Compass arc 6cm ± 2mm from A M1 Any length
Ruled perpendicular bisector drawn B2 M1 for at least one pair of crossing compass
arcs (not just touching) equal radius from B
and C
2 points only, clearly identified as B2 B1 for one point only, clearly identified as
their solution, between boundaries their solution, between boundaries and
and 6cm ± 2mm from A 6cm ± 2mm from A
12 1 8 8
3 or equivalent mixed number 3…read more

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J512/03 Mark Scheme June 2010
17 (a) 22x ­ 3 final answer 2 B1 for 22x ± n seen, n 0
22x 22x
Or SC1 for 3 or or 22x × 2-3
2 8
(b) x=4 3 B1 for 25 soi
And M1 for their(2x ­ 3) = their 5 soi
18 (a) ½ or 2-1 or 0.…read more

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OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations)
1 Hills Road
OCR Customer Contact Centre
14 ­ 19 Qualifications (General)
Telephone: 01223 553998
Facsimile: 01223 552627
Email: [email protected]
www.ocr.org.…read more


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