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Describe the role of the judiciary in a civil case.
Judges in the High Court are Puisne and in the County are Circuit and District. In civil
cases a judge has an inquisitorial role, where they take an active part in proceedings.
This involves acting as a case manager: setting…

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criminal case is an appeal, the judge in the higher court can uphold, amend or reverse
the decision of a lower court. An example of a criminal appeal may be where the
defendant has been sentenced and feels that the sentence passed is too harsh.

Describe the role of the…

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etc. The aim is to encourage diversity (Part 2 Tribunals, Courts & Enforcement Act

A Circuit Judge requires 10 or 7 years PLQE (depending on the position). Usually
candidates have experience practicing in either the Crown or County Court or have
been a Recorder or a District Judge. A…

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provided with appropriate training for their specialised area of work. The JSB
organises refresher seminars for both full and part time judges. These sessions cover
changes in the law and topics of current importance. These seminars are useful in
ensuring that judges are always `up to date'. Superior judges receive…

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Finally, judicial independence is shows as the Office of Judicial Complaints ensures
that a judge who does not adhere to the strict code of conduct is dealt with by them in a
consistent, fair and efficient manner.

Describe the ways in which a judge can be dismissed.
All judges must…


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