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Joseph Fletcher's Situation Ethics

Joseph Fletcher was a US philosopher in the 1960's who was angry at how legalistic religions
were being taught and presented. He believed that any religion with strict rules that could not be
broken were wrong. For example. in Christianity, Christians must keep the Sabbath day…

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Fletcher created 6 Key Propositions. The first proposition stated that "Only one this is
intrinsically good: namely love, nothing else at all." Love alone when well served is always
good and right in every situation! Love is the only universal. What is right in one case may be
wrong in…

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has discovered a cure for cancer. If you understand adapé you must carry out the medical genius.
We choose what is most useful for the most people.
The fifth proposition wrote, "Only the end justifies the means noting else." Wherever rules
do not have loving consequences then you should break…

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