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Bones, ligaments and tendons.
By Harley davitt…read more

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What are they?
· Joint ­ where 2 or more bones join
· Ligaments ­ they connect bone to bone,
stabilise the joint.
· Tendons ­ they hold muscle to bone…read more

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Joints are when two or more bones join. There are three types of joint.
Joint Type of joint Property
Cranium. Pelvis, mandible (jaw) Non-mover/ fixed There to protect vital bones and
give support.
Knee, elbow, ribs Slight mover. They are there to provide
movement and only allow a
small amount
Shoulder . Vertebrae, patella Free mover / synovial. Allows free movement and can
move in multiple direction
(knee cap)…read more

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Effects of exercise
· Increased flexibility at the joints
· More active blood production at the end of
long bones.
· If too much exercise is taken the cartilage
can be damaged, and the bone will
become damaged.
· Increased mobility.…read more


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