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Johnson on Civil Rights

1. Would LBJ's background suggest he was an idealist or an unprincipled politician?
Johnson claims he is an idealist. He started out teaching Mexican-American students in a segregated
school and believes that education is their escape route from poverty and segregation. He was
motivated by memories…

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11. Did Johnson's actions improve Blacks' education?
By the 1960's the percentage of blacks with a high school diploma had increased to 60 per cent from
40 per cent. His Higher Education Act in 1965 gave significant aid to poor black colleges. Within a
decade the number of black college…

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Johnson played an important role in ending de jure segregation in the South. Johnson's Voting Rights
Act transformed Southern politics, by giving the blacks the chance to vote without fear. His Education
Acts speeded up school desegregation and helped black colleges. His civil rights legislation opened
the way for a…


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