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On liberty :short essay: 1854, final draft: 1858…read more

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· Born to James Mill and Harriet
· Mill was the eldest son of the
Scottish Philosopher, Historian
and Economist James Mill.
· J.S Mill was educated by his
father with the assistance of
Jeremy Bentham.
· His father's aim was to create a
genius intellect that would carry
on the course of utilitarianism.…read more

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· Between the ages 6-12, Mill learnt the
languages Latin & Greek.
· At the age of 6, He wrote the book
"History of Rome".
· From the ages 7-12, he was reading
the likes of Plato in Greek (age 7),
Sophocles, Thucydides, Demosthenes
(age 8), Popes translation (age 9),
Aristotle (age 11), Political economy
(age 12)
· He studied Arithmetic and the Study of
Scholastic Logic.…read more

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· At the age of 20, J.S Mill had a
nervous breakdown. He claims
this was caused by the great
physical and the mental effort of
his studies which had suppressed
any feelings he might have
developed normally in childhood.
· After the depression that was
caused by the nervous
breakdown had faded, he began
to find comfort in poetry by
William Wordsworth.…read more

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· J.S Mill married Harriet Taylor
after a 21 year intimate friendship
seeing as Taylor was already
married when they first met.
· She was a significant influence to
his studies. She was a big
influence to Mill's final revision of
"On Liberty", which was shortly
published after she died in 1858.…read more

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· He served as Lord Rector of the
University of St. Andrews.
· He was also an MP of City and
Westminster and was often
associated with the Liberal Party.
· He was the 1st person in the
history of Parliament to call for
the women to have the right to
vote.…read more

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