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Cage ­ Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano
John Cage = 20th
3 sonatas
Written in 1949
Pushed boundaries in music
Wanted to show a variety in technique, mood & colour
For prepared piano
Was interested in creating flexibility on timbres
There are 4 ways a prepared piano can…

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A section from 1-7 = 4+1+3, 4+1+3, 4+2, 4+2 (makes up 28)
Quaver missing at bar 11
Sonata II
S2 number = 31
A = 6+6+9½+9½ (makes up 31)
Sonata III
S3 number = 34
1x34 from bars 1-8

Sonata I
Steady tempo with crotchets
Irregular groupings of rhythm…

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Makes use of right-hand moving parts over static or repetitive
left hand parts
Textures of S3 = very sparse

All sonatas are atonal
Sonata I
First chord = G7
Passages are repeated
Rhythmic cadences features rather than harmonic cadences
Avoids cadences by harmonic progression -> more like


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