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JJC v. Eisenhower (1983)
Alex Cavan…read more

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Case Details
· D (a minor) shot V (another minor) with an
air-rifle and hit V's eye with the pellet. The
Magistrates (Mags) surmised that V's
injuries amounted to a bruise below the
left eyebrow and "that fluid filling the front
part of his left eye for a time afterwards
abnormally contained red blood cells". D
was convicted of an s20 offence under the
Offences Against the Person Act (1861) ­
Unlawful and Malicious Wounding.…read more

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· The appeal was referred to the High Court
(HC) from the Mags' on the question of
whether or not V's injuries amounted to a
"wounding". The HC held that the rupturing
of blood vessels does not amount to "a
break in the continuity of the whole skin"
and that the ruling was therefore unjust.…read more


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