Jau National Park/Indonesia comparison

A comparison of conservation/exploitation between Jau National Park and Indonesia

Written in note form as an essay plan (Title at the top of the page)

I used the A2 AQA textbook for Jau and the old AS(I think) textbook for Indonesia

I hope others find this helpful :)

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Nicola Gray

"Conservation and exploitation are incompatible goals in the management of fragile
environments." With reference to examples, discuss the extent to which you agree with this

o The preservation and management of the environment and natural resources
o The extensive use of resources for profit…

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Nicola Gray

Limited control or desire to stop illegal logging
Disadvantages of exploitation
o Impact on Water Cycle
Bare Soil increases overland flow
Reduced interception of moisture
Increased flood risk in rivers and streams
Reduced transpiration may reduce rainfall
Increased sediment load in rivers
o Impact on soils
Increased soil…

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Nicola Gray

o Nearly 3000 adults and 4000 children were treated for
o Over 1000 asthma related problems
o About 500 eye problems
Schools and offices closed
Airline flights were cancelled due to poor visibility
45000 people evacuated from Rengat in Sumatra
Air Pollution Index- 800 (any above 500…

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Nicola Gray

The Vitôria Amazônica Foundation
Multidisciplinary research in the park since 1992
Records flora and fauna, soils and landscapes
Ongoing research of the resident population focuses on:
Analysis of land and activities
Trends in demography
Environmental impacts
FVA stores data in computerised database as an information centre

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Nicola Gray

o 3 rangers
o They also have 26 trained volunteers
FVA have a staff of 26 people including:
o 2 ecologists
o 3 sociologist researchers
o 3 IT experts
o 2 educators
o 2 technical staff responsible for alternative economic activities such as the
Fibrarte Project
o 11…


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