Jau National Park/Indonesia comparison

A comparison of conservation/exploitation between Jau National Park and Indonesia

Written in note form as an essay plan (Title at the top of the page)

I used the A2 AQA textbook for Jau and the old AS(I think) textbook for Indonesia

I hope others find this helpful :)

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Nicola Gray
"Conservation and exploitation are incompatible goals in the management of fragile
environments." With reference to examples, discuss the extent to which you agree with this
o The preservation and management of the environment and natural resources
o The extensive use of resources for profit
Whether they can coincide depends on factors such as:
o Money
Within country
Invested in country
o Education
o The amount of involvement of international organisations
o Politics within the country
Rainforests are fragile environments:
o The soils are very poor
There is rapid decomposition and uptake by the vegetation
Intense leaching, weathering and high acidity.
o The trees are being deforested at an accelerated rate and the environment is
unable to stabilise this.
Land clearances for farming fails as the land quickly becomes infertile
and is abandoned
Deforesting clears the land of the trees but don't replace them quickly
so they don't regrow
Mining and mineral extraction puts chemicals into the soil and further
hinders its fertility.
An example of an area where conservation and exploitation are not compatible but are
starting to try and change this
Exploitation: Deforestation
o To sell wood
About 70% of the worlds hardwood is from Indonesia
Combats unemployment- employs 700 000 people
Damaged, non-commercial trees are used by the locals for food,
medicine and fuel
Pay off countries debt and improve quality of life
o To create more space for
Subsistence Farming
Growing Population
o Why Indonesia
The government rarely enforces selective logging regulations
No replanting policies to replace the deforested areas

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Nicola Gray
Limited control or desire to stop illegal logging
Disadvantages of exploitation
o Impact on Water Cycle
Bare Soil increases overland flow
Reduced interception of moisture
Increased flood risk in rivers and streams
Reduced transpiration may reduce rainfall
Increased sediment load in rivers
o Impact on soils
Increased soil erosion through overland flow
Increased risk of landslides and mudflow
Increased leaching causing loss of soil nutrients
Reduced soil fertility
Formation of impermeable duricrusts on soil surface
o Impact on Climate
Greater reflection of…read more

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Nicola Gray
o Nearly 3000 adults and 4000 children were treated for
o Over 1000 asthma related problems
o About 500 eye problems
Schools and offices closed
Airline flights were cancelled due to poor visibility
45000 people evacuated from Rengat in Sumatra
Air Pollution Index- 800 (any above 500 is dangerous for
people's health)
The move towards a more sustainable future
o Conservation of areas in national parks with core areas, where no disturbance is
allowed, and other zones that allows tourism and native…read more

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Nicola Gray
The Vitôria Amazônica Foundation
Multidisciplinary research in the park since 1992
Records flora and fauna, soils and landscapes
Ongoing research of the resident population focuses on:
Analysis of land and activities
Trends in demography
Environmental impacts
FVA stores data in computerised database as an information centre
about the park.…read more

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Nicola Gray
o 3 rangers
o They also have 26 trained volunteers
FVA have a staff of 26 people including:
o 2 ecologists
o 3 sociologist researchers
o 3 IT experts
o 2 educators
o 2 technical staff responsible for alternative economic activities such as the
Fibrarte Project
o 11 people in administration
o 2 in charge of institutional development and foundation
I partially agree with this statement as, with international help and investment,
exploitation and conservation can coincide as Jaú proves with its…read more


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