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Jarawa tribe
Particular social groups experience poverty and
inequality…read more

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Jarawa Tribe Case Study
Jarawa tribe are native to the Andaman Islands.
The Islands are 6,500km²
80% is protect forest
Population of 400,000 (300 Jarawa's)
11% are under 6 years old
71% literacy rate
Small scale fishing, village, handicraft industries and tourism
Airport and ATR (Andaman trunk road)…read more

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Jarawa Tribe Case Study
27 Indians died from bow and arrow attacks due to
hostilities with the Jarawa
Jarawa go into villages to try and take food, clothes and
iron for arrows as this is a learnt behavior from
internations with settlers (Indians)
Indians take Jarawa land, and built a road (ATR)
Indians give `gifts' to the tribe who crowd around the ATR
and Indians run `human safaris' and take illegal photos…read more

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Jarawa Tribe Case Study
Indians cut down trees down in the reserve exploitation-
Armed police on every bus through the ATM to protect the
Indians (police treat people like animals)
Jetty (transport and trade) is in Jarawa territory
Jarawa exposed to Western diseases- hospital has Jarawa
ward…read more

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Jarawa Tribe Case Study
The tribe have face exploitation and abuse from Indian
Alcohol and marijuana have been introduced
STD/I's have been spread settlers, who have abused women…read more

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Jarawa Tribe Case Study
1970- ATR opens, exposure of the tribe
1996- Jarawa made voluntary contact + given gifts - medical
care - diseases
1997- Start to go settlements and take food - learned
2002- Close of ATR, however human safari - Indian government
wants the tribe to settle and give up nomadic life.…read more


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