Japan Earthquake Case Study

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Fact file on Japan's Earthquake (Thoku) in 2011 and 2012
the Resultant Tsunami.
Occurred in March 2011. Also known as
Thoku earthquake.
Tremor was 8.9 in magnitude and struck
400km north-east of Tokyo.
Struck at 1446 local time at the depth of
Tsunami rolled across the pacific at 800 km/h
before hitting Hawaii and the US west Coast.
Wave at 10m height when struck Sendai in
Japan, farmlands swamped obliterated and cars thrown all over the place.
Heights varied in other towns between 10ft in Ofunato to 24ft in Kamaishi.
Fires erupted from the damage in the city.
350 people confirmed dead and 500 missing (on the 11th March).
In Miyagi, 200-300 bodies found alone in the city.
Damage to nuclear plant's where the pressure exceeded normal levels.
Quake alone was fifth largest since 1900, and 8,000 times stronger than earthquake that
affected Christchurch in New Zealand the month before.
Evacuations of areas around nuclear power plants.
Roads blocked with debris from buildings afterwards.
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