Japan earthquake and tsunami march 2011

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Earth hazards revision
Japan earthquake/tsunami: March 2011
Location: east edge of Eurasian plate. Destructive plate boundary (friction and
high pressure create violent earthquakes)
Earthquake had little impact; no one died as Japan is well prepared for an
Aftershocks measured 7.1, swaying tall buildings
Power losses in Tokyo and surrounding 4 million homes
10 metre tsunami
Major flights delayed, all train services delayed
2 nuclear plants disabled at Fukushima
The tsunami disabled emergency generators needed to cool reactors at
Fukushima- over next few weeks there were several partial nuclear
meltdowns and visible gas explosions
Radiation releases caused large evacuations and concern over water and
food supplies
2000 died due to tsunami
530,000 displaced, staying in 2500 evacuation shelters
240,000 people completely isolated
50,000 homes damaged
Tsunami warning 3 minutes after earthquake had struck
Warnings on TV asking people not to return to their homes due to tsunamis
91 countries offered aid in the form of food, blankets, search dogs and
military transport
Social media brought updates quicker than the media
Evacuation shelters set up. However these were mainly just unused buildings
and schools, public halls etc. Therefore they didn't have the facilities to
cope with large numbers of evacuees.


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