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James I's final years 16211625

The 1621 Parliament

Challenge of the puritans
Some puritans had left on the Mayflower in 1620 these puritans were a very small minority most
puritans were content to stay within the church of England, the issue was the great struggle going
on in Europe between…

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Lionel Cranfield and Royal finances
Became Lord Treasures in October 1621. He became Earl of Middlesex in 1622. He realised the
only way James could be financially sound would be by cutting expenditure, preventing gifts and
pensions to be given to courtiers. He managed to get more money from custom…

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within Europe. The new proposed marriage by Buckingham was of the Catholic French princess
Henrietta Maria.

The impeachment of Cranfield
Cranfield supported Spain, because he knew the Spanish dowry would cover all of James debts,
while war would undo all his attempts for financial reform. As Charles and Buckingham were…


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