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The author, William Golding, uses the main antagonist, Jack, to portray how the desire for power and
lust, combined with the lack of negotiation leads to the fall of civilisation. This desire that Jack has can
be linked to the fall of society in Germany, when Hitler yearned for control.…

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people in Germany. That is to say, through predicament law and order, the Germans felt hopeless
and therefore had to follow their last hope, Hitler. With Jacks totalitarian leadership, he was able to
organize the group into a useful and productive society and ends up getting them rescued by setting…

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an animal than human. This shows that he has lost hope of getting rescued and therefore it shows
that he has further plans on the Island.

Jack also loses interest as well as his patience with the conch. "Conch! Conch! shouted Jack. We don't
need the conch any more". The…


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