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Fur and Ivory Trade
Will Harris…read more

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The Fur and Ivory Trade
·Each Year, approximately 50 million animals raised ·In 1976, Africa had 1 300 000 elephants, but in
on fur farms around the world 1989 there were only 610 000
· Yearly, more than a billion rabbits are killed for ·Uganda's elephant population dropped by 16 000
their pelts to only 1 600 in the 16 years preceding 1989
·Over 3.4 million fur-bearing animals were killed ·Tanzania's Selous Reserve had 109 000 elephants
last year in the U.S, all in the name of fashion. in 1977, and only 29 600 in 1989
·Leading countries that produce mink pelts include ·Ivory, the "white gold" of the animal world, has
Denmark (14 million murdered in 2009), followed been valued by man since the Stone Age for
by China (12 million), Holland (4.8 million), Poland producing works of art, religious objects, and a
(4.3 million), and the U.S. (3.4 million). Finland, the range of articles from billiard balls to piano keys.
leading producer of ranch-raised fox killed 2 ·Today, Japan is the largest user of worked ivory.
million.…read more

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The Ivory Trade
Each year hundreds of elephants and narwhals
are hunted for their tusks. These tusks are
then used to make objects such as piano keys,
billiard balls and minor decorative objects. As
much as 8% of the elephant population are
killed each year, they are shot using automatic
weaponry and their tusks are hacked off using
saws and chainsaws.…read more

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The Fur Trade
In the UK trading fur was banned and phased
out in 2002, unfortunately fur trading is still
legal in other places around the world and
clothes made from animal fur is still allowed
to be sold in shops so millions of animals are
still killed every year.…read more

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Fur Farms
85% of animals killed for fur are brought up on
fur farms. Europe are responsible for 70% of
world mink fur production and 63% of world
fox fur production. Animals on fur farms live
their whole life in tiny cages until they are
killed. They are often kept in the same cage as
many other animals and sometimes they are
driven crazy from anxiety and fear.…read more

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