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IVF is the procedure by which sperm and eggs from a couple are
fertilized in a laboratory dish.
The first ever `test tube baby' was Louise Brown.
AIH = Artificial insemination by using the husband's sperm.
AID = Where donor sperm is used.
Ethical Questions raised by IVF
IVF is supposed to be for treating infertility but what about the spare
embryos that may be kept for up to 14 days for experimentation.
When does human life begin and what is the status of the embryo.
Custommade or `designer' babies. In India already all IVF clinics allow
sex selection and nearly all discarded embryos are females. In future even
the genetic make up of a child could be chosen.
Older woman past childbearing age we be able to have children.
IVF is not very successful.


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