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IUCN red list
What is the IUCN red list?

The IUCN red list of Threatened Species founded in 1948. The IUCN Red List is the most
comprehensive information source on the status of wild species. It helps to prevent species
from becoming extinct as it helps to create conservation schemes.…

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The Lberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus):

The Lberian Lynx is considered as the most endangered wild cat species and is one of the
rarest mammals on the planet today. The estimated population in 2007 was just 100 in the
wild. They are nocturnal. They are normally found in Spain in France.…

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The Caspian seal is one of the smallest seals. They live in the Caspian Sea which is the largest
enclosed inland body of water. The Caspian Sea is bordered by Russia, Kazakhstan,
Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan. The males are a bit larger than the females. They feed on a


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