Italy Keywords

Words you need to know to impress the examiner on your knowledge of Fascist Italy, for Edexcel AS History Modern, Italy and Fascism 1919-25

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Dynamic political movement, believed war was cleansing
Socialists Favoured workers, wanted a workers' state
Internationalists Want class revolution, not state revolution
Liberals Dominated Italian politics between 1870 and 1922, gradual
constitutional change
Franchise Right to vote
Patrician Fatherly approachdescribes liberals on poverty and Italy's
Constitutional Monarchy head of state, but government is carried out by elected
monarchy officials
Radicals Split from liberal party
Catholics Led by the Pope
Trasformismo Trying to work with enemies so they'll change to think how you
do and to keep an eye on them
Coalition Working with different political groups
Policy of neutrality Not to use police/army to suppress workers, government stayed
neutral and encouraged arbitration
Arbitration Try to negotiate
Papacy Institution of the Pope
Anti clerical Anti religious
Latifundo Large estates run by absentee landlords in South Italy
"Love of a single Blanchi
town, not a
Italia Irredenta Lost parts of Italy
Treaty of London Offers Italy Trentino, S.Tyrol, Istria, Trieste and Dalmatia
Risorgimento Unification of Italy
Neutrality What Italy declared in WW1 despite being ally of central powers
at first
National Self Land should be divided up so that people who speak a language
Determination should be ruled by the country which speaks it
The Bienno Rosso The 2 Red years (191920) when there's a wave of right wing
Treaty of St (June 1919) One of 4 treaties forced on the losers of WW1
Fedeterra Agricultural worker's revolution
"Immediate war to Fiat worker's slogan when they were on strike in the Bienno
total victory" Rosso
Maximalist Want revolution NOW! Split from socialists (Jan 1921)
Minimalist Want lawful reform gradually. Split from socialists
Municipal People in cities
Dictatorship of the Workers take control
Republic Form of government without monarchy
Nationalisation Getting all businesses state controlled
Universal male All males are allowed to vote
Vittorio Veneto Eventually win what the Italians call it
Squadrismo Squads
Squadristi The people in the squadrismo

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Corporativism "The 3rd Way"economy run by corporations, bodies made up of
representatives of government, employers and employees
Arditti Special groups of commandoessee A3 sheet on "Italy at War"
Podestas Roman official in charge of certain parts of Italy see "creation of
Arbitrators Independent officials who listened to the arguments of both
employers and employees and then recommended a comprimise
Blocs A group of states
Treaty of St (June 1919) one of 4 treaties forced on the losers.…read more


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