Issues surrounding nuclear power and renewable power.

Issues surrounding nuclear power and renewable power.

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Issues surrounding nuclear power:
Nuclear power:
3 million times more energy dense than coal
CO2 neutral (doesn't contribute to global climate change)
Uses small amount of fuel therefore it is unlikely to run out
So why are there only around 400 nuclear plants in the world?
4 main factors that limit the growth of the nuclear power (fission)
1. Public opposition ­ risk of accidents human error or natural disasters
2. High tech so can't be used in LEDCs due to infrastructure and costs to start up and
3. Geographically limited ­ stable geology, granite, not near fault lines, volcanoes ­ large
supply of water
4. Nuclear waste ­ uncertainty as to how to dispose of nuclear waste.
Renewable energy
Solar ­ photovoltaic (electricity), photothermals (water), and passive heating (design of the
Geothermal (from nuclear decay in the core of the earth)
Bad points about renewables:
Generally low energy density (exceptions HEP and biofuels)
Most are intermittent
Generally unreliable
Most are hard to store and transport
Good points about renewables:
Not finite
Generally carbon neutral
Long lasting equipment
Produces very little pollution


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