Issues resulting from economic development pollution in the UK

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Issues resulting from economic development- pollution in the UK
The highest levels of pollution occur in urban areas due to industrialisation which
is a result of economic development. Although pollution levels are significantly
better than they were during the industrial revolution, pollution is still an issue in
the cities of the UK. However the UK has attempted to reduce pollution:
Laws that have controlled the levels of emissions from vehicles: Lorries with
higher emissions are banned from entering greater London on the M25.
A congestion charge zone in London- reduces pollution restricting access to
vehicles with high emission levels.
Higher water bills in the South West to increase quality of treatment so
less pollution enters rivers and seas. Government subsidies have been used
to help the public afford these higher bills.
Surfers against sewage- NGO that helps to reduce the water pollution in
the sea.
Clean coal must be used to heat domestic property
These laws have meant that pollution issues are being controlled and
reduced although they can be hard to police. China has similar pollution
issues but it has little legislation to control pollution, so effects are worse.


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