Issues resulting from economic development: China

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Geography global issues development revision
Issues resulting from economic development- China
Health issues due to air pollution- amount of PM 2.5's is 40 times higher
than the maximum safe level contributing to 1.2 million premature deaths
¼ Chinese lack safe drinking water due to water pollution, resulting from
poor regulation chemical disposals 970% of rivers/lakes polluted), 100,000
die from water borne diseases.
Polluted farmland and water led to high cancer rates some areas have rates
that have risen by 80% compared to 30 years ago.
94 million regularly become ill due to food poisoning, 70% farmland
contaminated with chemicals
Beijing- 64 million households have had land seized or homes destroyed with
little compensation during the building boom to make way for
infrastructure to support increasing industrialisation.
Cheap labour results in poor living standards due to low wages and long
hours. Laws were introduced to improve workers rights but companies didn't
agree as it meant that their profits decreased so factories closed down.
Increased corruption-80% of government officials were corrupt costing
3% of China's GDP
111 million hectares of closed ofrest-50% faces deforestation
Air, noise, water pollution
Linfen-most polluted city on earth, constant smog. Due to major coal mining
70% of Chinese cities can't meet air pollution standards
Several mountains have been flattened to make way for more land for
industrialisation. This is likely to increase major landslides and soil erosion.


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