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Issues In Research

Strengths & Limitations of different methods of research:
Experiment: A method in which researcher manipulates an independent variable, whilst
controlling other extraneous variables in order to measure an affect on a dependant variable.
o Strengths: Only method that can reliably establish cause and effect. Very objective

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counted or rated. Correlations which measure the strength and relationship between two sets
of scores. Quantitative content analysis where content may be tallied or coded.
Qualitative methods: Selfreports using open questions where answers can be summarised
or transcribed in written form. Qualitative observations where researchers describe or
visually record what…

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Integrity: Valuing honesty, accuracy, clarity and fairness.
These ethical issues relate to the setting up and carrying out of research:
Respecting participant's confidentiality by protecting identity and other details.
Gaining participant's informed consent wherever appropriate.
Ensuring participant's have right to withdraw
Avoiding deception.
Protecting from physical and mental harm, misuse…


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