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Psychology Revision Unit 5 ­ Issues
Ethical Issues

What are Ethics?
Ethics are a set of moral principles used to guide human behaviour. They are a means of determining what
is considered right or wrong for a particular group.

Ethical Issues in Psychology
There are 5 key areas surrounding ethics…

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Ethical Issues Here = Deception, Informed Consent, Protection from Harm (psychological) and
Right to Withdraw.

Milgram attempted to defend himself. He said that without deception the experiment would have
been pointless, if participants knew the set up was fake we wouldn't have gained truthful
information about human behaviour. At the…

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lesbians and gay men are more likely to remain friends after a relationship has ended.

2. Intelligence and Race
Jensen wrote an article that stated that research that intelligence was inherited and there was a 15
point difference in IQ's of black and white Americans, and this was partially genetic.…

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4. Interpretation and Application
Interpretation and application of research findings. Especially the applications of the findings in
ways far removed from the experimenters intentions.

Sieber and Stanley also suggest that the following are particular ethical issues of SSR
1. Privacy ­ must be ensured
2. Confidentiality of data
3. Sound…


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