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Psychology Revision Unit 5 ­ Issues
Cultural Bias

Bias = A predisposition or prejudice leaning towards or against specific groups or individuals, men over
women for example.

Culture = Culture can be defined as the learned, shared behaviour between members of a society. Their
norms (accepted and expected ways of…

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Cultural Bias in the Research Process
Cultural bias may occur as a result of many things in cross culture research; as an imposed etic or a simple
problem in the methodology / procedure of the experiment.

Cross-cultural research is held back by observer bias, and the use of small samples…

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counterbalanced. Some people argue that ethnocentrism doesn't always indicate superiority / inferiority.
It is possible to recognise differences as nothing more than differences.

2. Moral Development ­ Kohlberg

Kohlberg suggested that his stages of moral reasoning were driven by biological changes in cognitive
maturity; and this is universal. Therefore he…


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