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Psychology Revision Unit 5 ­ Issues
The Use of Non-Human Animals

Constraints on the Use of Animals
Legal Constrains
In the UK the use of animals in research is governed by the Animals Act, it requires that animal

Take place in labs that have been approved and have appropriate…

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Scientific Arguments For the use of Animals
1. We Can Generalise from Animals to Humans
We can generalise from animals to humans so animal research is worthwhile. Biologically animals and
humans are very similar; we have similar nervous systems (brain structure and neurotransmitters). So
therefore research on biological areas (biorhythms,…

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3. Studied in their Own Right
Animals should be studied in their own right.

For Example....
A study on elephants by Plotnik et al (2006) has shown that they can recognise themselves in a mirror ­ a
feature which most animals including cats and dogs cannot achieve. A mark was…

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Ethical Arguments For the use of Animals
1. Animals don't have the Same Rights as Humans
Animals are unable to enter into a social contract or make moral choices and therefore cannot be
regarded of the possessors of rights, a position summed up by Roger Scruton. He argues that only…

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Ethical Arguments Against the use of Animals
1. Animal Rights
The fundamental principle of the animal rights movement is that animals deserve to live according to their
own natures, free from harm, abuse and exploitation. It says animals have the right to be free from
human cruelty and exploitation just…


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