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Island man
Poetry cluster 1, would be in the language paper…read more

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Basics of the poet
It was written by Grace Nichols who was born
in Guyana in 1950.
She lived in the Caribbean until she moved to
Britain in 1977.
Her poetry is a lot to do with both cultures…read more

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The poem basics
This poem is about a man who moved from a small
island in the Caribbean area, who has now moved
to London (notice the link to the author)
It is written in 3rd person
The man is dreaming about his old home in the
Caribbean when he is suddenly awakened and in
his home in London…read more

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and the Island man wakes up
The poem to the sound of blue surf
in his head
the steady breaking and wombing
wild seabirds
and fisherman puling out to sea
the sun surfacing defiantly
from the east
of his small emerald island
he always comes back groggily
Comes back to sands
of a grey metallic soar
to surge of wheels
to dull North Circular roar
muffling muffling
his crumpled pillow waves
island man heaves himself
Another London day…read more

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The structure is a little muddled this could be
due to the fact he is sleeping, or it could show
how much of a mess his life is.
A lot of enjambment just shows how his life
feels never ending
The words `Another London day' is on it's own
showing how he feels on his own and to show
he has fully come out of his dream and
separated himself from his home…read more

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There is no punctuation
However there are capital letters on the
`Comes back to sands' this rare use of a capital
letter marks a turning point in the poem
(when he is leaving his dream)
Also at the end `Another London day' which
sort of makes it sound more exaggerated as
sounds like someone yawing where they say
the first letter loudest. :D…read more

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