Island Man Analysis

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This is very similar to my original cluster document, but as part of my revision I tend to go over things so this is just a rerun of this poem; the difference being i've added a table considering the tone, ideas, imagery etc. Enjoy, let me know what you think.

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Island Man
(for a Caribbean island man in London
who still wakes up to the sound of the sea)
and island man wakes up
to the sound of blue surf
in his head
the steady breaking and wombing
wild seabirds
and fishermen pushing out to sea
the sun surfacing defiantly
from the east
of his small emerald island
he always comes back groggily groggily
Comes back to sands
of a grey metallic soar
to surge of wheels
to dull north circular roar
muffling muffling
his crumpled pillow waves
island man heaves himself
Another London day

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Grace Nichols
Themes Tone Punctuation Sound Imagery Ideas
Island People torn between 2 Slow, tired tone Lack of Sibilance sounds, Natural images It's possible to feel
Man cultures punctuation Rhyme is irregular become man at home in 2
allows the lines to give a natural made ones to places.
and stanza's to feel. illustrate the very
flow freely contrast between
underlining the the 2 places she
image of the believes to be
sea. home.
The waves and the
sea shore.…read more


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