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Island man

· Island Man

The subtitle really explains this simple poem - it tells of a man from the Caribbean, who lives
in London but always thinks of his home.

The poem opens with daybreak, as the island man seems to hear the sound of surf - and

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vivid images. The poet relies on effects of sound - contrasting the
breaking of the surf with the roar of traffic. There are a few rhymes
and repetitions. Grace Nichols also refers to colour - blue for surf
(surely an error - the surf is the white foam of the…

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· The opportunities of London are far removed from the beauties of the Caribbean

· Feelings:

· Homesick

· Idealising the past / previous home

· Regret

· Dull repetitive nature of present working life

Metaphor sands / of a grey metallic soar (L
unpleasant beach)

Personification · the…

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· muffling muffling

Grace Nichols, born in Guyana but a resident of Britain since 1977, wrote the poem 'Island Man'
'for a Caribbean island man in London who still wakes up to the sound of the sea' (her own words).
It is a poem of contrasts based on the two…


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