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Islamic: Unit 4…read more

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Muslim Upbringing and the belief in
Children Allah
copy their parents
Children go to the so will believe Allah exists
madrassah where
they are taught about Kitan- boys are
Islam; mixing with circumcised
Muslim At about 4 years old
other children and Upbringing children begin their
Muslims helps the formal education about
children reinforce Islam; at a young age they
their belief Aqiqa- 7 days after birth the begin to learn about Islam
baby is named; names to shape them up as
constantly remind the child better Muslim adults
Children are taught
they're Muslims and must
to pray, to read live up to their name Head of the family
Qur'an and are taken whispers the adhan
to the mosque; in the right ear and
practising salah the Iqamah in the
regularly reminds left; the first thing
children the Allah the child hears is the
exists foundation of Islam
" there is no God but
Allah"…read more

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Religious experience and belief in Allah
Conversion When your life is changed by giving yourself to Allah
Miracle Something that happens that seems to break the law of science and
makes you think that only Allah could have done it
Numinous The feeling of the presence of something greater than you
Community celebration of festivals
Influence from TV A miracle
Visiting a mosque which could
or a Muslim lead to Numinous
country believe in experiences
Meeting with a Muslim,
An answered prayer
who tells them about
their faith
Reading a book or an article
about Islam…read more

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Make sure
you link the
The design argument design
and belief in Allah with the
existence of
Some people argue that the complex
nature of the world supports belief in
The world
is so well The world is This
ordered so beautiful complex If it is The only So
with designed thing
must have powerful Allah
it must
ent parts therefore
have a
enough to must
balanced deign the
to sustain
making a
designed designer universe is exist!
life Allah
Everything made has a
purpose…read more

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The causation argument and
belief in Allah
A diamond is a natural stone made
by carbon being compressed over
hundreds of years. They are mined
then cut and polished to make
jewellery. Can you trace a diamond
back to its source?
Nothing canEverything that happens has
So the universe cannot
A very powerful force must This means Allah
Only a Allah is great
happen by to be caused by
have simply happened
have caused the universe as it is
so great
enough to be the cause must exist
Everything made has a…read more

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Science and how it may
cause non-belief in Allah
Agnosticism Not being sure whether Allah exists
Atheism Believing that Allah does not exist
The Big Evolut
Scientific explanations of the origins of the world can lead people to doubt
the existence of Allah
Muslims believe the universe was created by Allah
Some Muslims believe that the world is so beautiful and mysterious that
there must have been a power behind its beginning, and that must be Allah.
It could not have happened randomly…read more

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your actually missing some topics like abortion,life after death , divorce etc


thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.  this helped me sooooooo much.


yes i was wondering if you have any slides on the other sections like matters of life and death ,marriage and family and community cohesion   they would really help  jazakallah


plz do one on those plzz

Omar Mostafa

This is only unit 1, I really like it thanks


i put u another one unit 11 marriage etc


really helpful!!!!!!

mariam shake

i wondering if you could add the rest since its only section 1


Really helpful, thanks



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